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Our Services

Animation & Video Production

"See Beyond"

Software Development

"The purpose of software engineering is to control complexity, not to create it"

Mobile Apps

Lineix can develop mobile apps on mulitple platforms tailored for our clients which they can used to reach their targeted customers.

Website Development

Owning a website is the most effective way for people to access information about a specific organization or business. Lineix develops and designs beautiful static landing and dynamic websites for our client

Enterprise Software

ERP help businesses to improve productivity, increase efficencies, decrease cost and streamline processes. With our immense experties in software engineering, businesses can see exponatial growth across the board with our enterprise software.

AI and Data Science

AI is going to trasform the world as we know. The 4th industrial revolution is almost here this is going to transform everthing from healthcare, transportation,education, communcation and agriculture Lineix is thrill to be one of the pioneers of the revolution in this part of the world   


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